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If you’ve ever had a UTI, there’s no mistaking the signs that another one is in progress. The burning sensation and persistent urge to empty your bladder even though you just tried may be your red flags that bacteria have invaded your urinary tract. There is never a “good” time to have a UTI, but 20 percent of the women who have one are destined to experience another one, according to the National Kidney Foundation. UTIs result in nearly 10 million doctor visits each year.

Different types of urinary tract infection

Each type of UTI is associated with specific signs and symptoms, depending on which part of your urinary tract is infected.

Infection in the urethra (urethritis) the tube that carries urine to the outside of your body, can cause:

Burning when you urinate
Feeling the frequent and urgent need to urinate
Uncomfortable pain or itching when not urinating
Discharge from the urethra or vagina
Blood in men’s semen or urine
Pain during intercourse

Bladder infection (cystitis) signs include those found in urethritis as well as:

Pain or pressure in the abdomen or pelvis
Passing frequent, small amounts of urine
Murky, dark, red or strong-smelling urine
Low-grade fever

Kidney infection (acute pyelonephritis) can occur if a UTI goes untreated. Severe kidney infection can lead to life-threatening complications. Additional signs that indicate your infection has moved to the kidneys and requires immediate medical attention include:

High fever with shaking or chills
Nausea and vomiting
Pain in the upper back and side
Groin or abdominal pain or pressure

Common foods and drinks that irritate your bladder

Although bacteria in your urinary tract is the cause of your infection, there are many foods and beverages that make your symptoms worse once a UTI is in progress:

Caffeine can irritate and inflame your bladder.
Beer, wine and hard liquor are bladder stimulants and irritants.
Sodas, especially citrus-flavored and caffeinated types, can aggravate UTI symptoms.
Acidic fruits and their juices that irritate the bladder include citrus, tomatoes, pineapple, grapes and plums.
Spicy foods that are known to cause bladder irritation include peppers, chili and curry.
Artificial sweeteners can aggravate symptoms in some people, especially if chronic interstitial cystitis is a problem.
Food additives, chemicals and preservatives encourage the growth of bacteria and other organisms inside the bladder.

There is never a “good” time to have a UTI, but 20 percent of the women who have one are destined to experience another one, according to the National Kidney Foundation. UTIs result in nearly 10 million doctor visits each year.

Other environmental irritants

Dehydration takes a toll on every organ and system in your body, and it can weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to bacterial overgrowth in your urinary tract. Drink enough daily liquid – preferably water — to achieve clear or light-colored urine to help flush bacteria out of your urinary tract.

Allergies to your bath or feminine products can cause itching, burning, swelling and discharge. An allergic reaction results in the growth of microorganisms that lead to a UTI. Use only unscented personal care and bathroom products.

Tight clothes, synthetic fibers and shapewear like Spanx can often be the culprits responsible for recurring UTIs. Thongs, spandex and underwear made of silk, nylon, polyester, rayon or lace should be avoided, especially when working out. “[Thongs] are usually tight fitting and tend to slide back and forth while you exercise,” Dr. David Bank told Shape. “All of this friction and heat can lead to UTIs (urinary tract infections) and vaginal bacterial infections, regardless of the fabric.” Choose cotton underwear and workout wear. The breathable, moisture wicking properties discourage yeast growth.

Do you suspect that you or your child might be in the early stages of a UTI? It’s imperative that you seek immediate medical attention to prevent the infection from traveling to the kidneys. Revere Health Urology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric and adult urinary problems.

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This information is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. You should always consult your doctor before making decisions about your health.

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