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Delta Doctor Learns Valuable Lesson About Healthy Habits

June 27, 2017

Delta Doctor Learns Valuable Lesson About Healthy Habits

DELTA, UT – June 27, 2017 – Nearly one year ago on the Fourth of July, Dr. Steven Shamo with Revere Health Delta Family Medicine experienced a life-threatening heart attack. Now, nearing the first anniversary of the incident, Shamo is enjoying a healthy, normal life and plans to complete a triathlon in the fall.

Shamo was playing basketball with his four boys when he first noticed chest pain. He quickly realized he was having an acute heart attack and was taken to the emergency room.

“The heart attack was a very serious one,” said Shamo. “Because of the artery that was involved, it threatened about half my heart muscle.”

After an unsuccessful clot buster treatment at the ER, Shamo was transported to Utah Valley Hospital via Life Flight, where Revere Health cardiologist Scott Bingham inserted a stent.

Prior to his heart attack, Shamo was extremely active. He ran three miles each day, exercised regularly and tried hard to eat a healthy diet.

“After I got the stent,” said Shamo, “ Dr. Bingham asked me a little bit more about what happened. Once I explained to him the things I was doing to stay healthy and some of the symptoms I had, he shook his finger at me and said, ‘exercise saved your life’.”

Although Shamo had to gradually build back up to exercise after the heart attack, he is back to his pre-heart attack fitness status. He exercises three times a week, and his routine includes running, pushups, and hiking with his dog and a weighted pack.

“The most important thing I got out of my experience,” said Shamo, “is that exercise is important. Because of a strong family history, I had a heart attack anyway. But because of my lifestyle, I didn’t sustain any damage.”

The incident was a brief setback for Shamo and although retirement may have seemed necessary a year ago, Shamo has no intentions of leaving his practice any time soon.

“I have a lot more climbing to do!” said Shamo. “Now that I’m feeling so well, I wouldn’t even consider .”

Shamo often tells his patients that it’s critically important to maintain good health. He is very grateful that he had taken the time to exercise regularly before his heart attack and knows it was instrumental in saving his life.

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