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Ophthalmologists are trained specialists who have completed additional education specific to eye health. Our providers are licensed to perform eye surgery.


Our providers can prescribe and fit eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct vision problems and meet your needs.

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1055 North 500 West, #201, Building C Provo, Utah 84604

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5872 South 900 East #100, Murray, UT 84121

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Ophthalmology Blog

7 Makeup Tips for Eyes

7 Eye Makeup Tips for Healthy Eyes

If you’re like most women, you prefer not to leave the house without first putting on your makeup. And when it comes to makeup necessities, 37% of women rank mascara as the…

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Astigmatism; You’ve Heard It, But What Does It Mean?

The curve and shape of your eye affects the way you see the world around you. For example, if the lenses in your eye have mismatched curves, you may experience…

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How the Eye Works

How the Eye Works

There are few parts of the human body more amazing than our eyes. We often take them for granted, but these tiny cameras spend every day processing millions of pieces…

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