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555 W SR 164
Salem, Utah 84653
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Wellness Institute Providers

Advanced Practice Clinicians


Cardiac Conditioning

The enhancement of heart and circulatory function produced by aerobic exercise, e.g., jogging, swimming or cycling.


Fragile or brittle bones due to loss of tissue, generally resulting from calcium or vitamin-D deficiency, or hormonal change.

Aquatic Programs

We offer a variety of aquatic programs for clients of all fitness levels, or in various stages of rehabilitation.

Arthritic Care Programs

We work with clients to teach them how to manage and care for their arthritis through diet, exercise and physical therapy.


We work with patients who have fibromyalgia, usually characterized by widespread muscle pain and tenderness.

Group Exercise

We offer group exercise classes including yoga, water aerobics and Zumba.

Nutrition Counseling & Education

Meet with a professional dietary counselor to determine the right type of diet for you and your health.

Fitness Facility

Our facility is complete with free weights, treadmills, ellipticals and other weight machines.

Patient Education


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