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Darren Averett, DPT

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Darren Averett, DPT

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I am happy to give him my strongest recommendation.

If Google would allow SIX stars, I would have given Darren that. I came to Darren at Physical & Sports Therapy Services in an extraordinary amount of pain, only able to endure it by holding my arm in a certain position. Within a very short time, Darren's expertise paid off. He was able to discern the likely problem and put me on a regimen of exercises and treatments that knocked the pain way down within a few visits. Before coming to Darren, I had gone to two chiropractors and a medical doctor, none were able to help me. It's also important you know how very easy it is to get along with Darren -- what a gem of a human being! Very, very satisfied. I am happy to give him my strongest recommendation.

Jesse F.

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