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Brad Huber, MD

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Brad Huber, MD

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Favorite dermatologist

Brad Huber has been my favorite dermatologist I've seen. Every time I've seen him he's been very knowledgeable and what he's prescribed has worked. I've had a few different appointments with him and so has my family. I had a plantars wart that was previously cut out by another dermatologist. It was painful, took a long time to heal, and the wart came back. I started seeing Dr. Huber and he took a different approach that was not invasive and worked. That was just one of the beneficial experiences I had with Dr. Huber. I recommend him.

Alicia M.

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Makes us feel valued as patients

Our entire family has used Dr. Huber for several years, and we've been so impressed with the services he provides. My son was really nervous about receiving treatment, and Dr. Huber took the time to educate him on his level, make it fun, and took all the unknown out of the procedure. I've been very happy with the treatment he's provided me as well. He has great communication and makes us feel valued as patients.

Kara N.

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