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9 Reasons Revere Health Doctors are the Absolute Best

February 19, 2016 | Administration

Revere Health Doctors are the Best


What sets Revere Health apart from other specialty clinics?

Our mission statement: Your Health Above All Else. This is our solemn promise to our patients. We honor this promise every day in over 115 clinics throughout Utah, Nevada and Arizona. You’ll see it in our adherence to our core values. We integrate them into every single patient interaction. Let’s look at 9 reasons why we’re confident that our physicians and medical support staff are the very best.


1) 2015 HealthInsight Quality Award Winners

Four of our internal medicine locations were recognized for outstanding excellence in patient care by HealthInsight, a nonprofit, community-based healthcare collaborative. We’re proud of the exemplary performance demonstrated by our facilities in Orem, Provo, American Fork, and Payson.


2) Innovation

We deliver the best care through proven methods, expert training, and cutting-edge technology. In the past year, our internal medicine groups have reduced the amount of readmissions to the hospital in our high-risk patients by implementing innovative patient engagement strategies during their post-hospital recovery. Our providers stay in ongoing contact with our patients to be sure they have the education they need to recover without readmission. 


3) Coordination and Collaboration

With over 115 clinics located in more than 35 different communities throughout the state, the doctors of Revere Health work together to provide the right care at the right time in the right place. Sharing information and networking between doctors ensures that our patients receive the highest quality care with the safest delivery.


4) Empowering Patient Independence

Our physicians strive to empower our patients to participate in their health care. Our Live Better blog and Krames Online library offer hundreds of helpful patient education articles and videos that explain conditions, treatment options, and self-care strategies.


5) Committed to Client-Centered Care

We strive to provide value in every interaction and are committed to working alongside patients to improve their quality of life. When we changed our name from Central Utah Clinic to Revere Health in 2015, we officially incorporated patient-centered care and patient engagement into our core values. 


6) Revere Health Doctors Really Listen

We place a strong emphasis on communication between patient and doctor. We believe that choosing to listen is the essence of patient-centered care and personalized attention. With over 180 practicing medical providers within our network, you can be sure to find a doctor in your local community that you really connect with. It’s all about providing you with quality, personalized healthcare.


7) Follow My Health Patient Portal

With Follow My Health, patients can manage multiple aspects of their healthcare through a secure and intuitive patient portal. Request a prescription refill without picking up the phone, access your lab results, and communicate directly with your doctor with just the click of a button.


8) High-Quality, Specialized Medical Care for All of Utah

Last August we held a groundbreaking ceremony for our new, state-of-the-art facility in Salem that will better serve the needs of our patients in southern Utah County. Scheduled for completion in spring 2016, this facility will accommodate over 150,000 patient visits annually. CEO Scott Barlow said:

“As a clinic, we provide over 1,000,000 visits a year to over 400,000 individuals throughout the state. Nearly a quarter of our patients in Utah County are residents who live south of Springville. With the completion of this facility, they will no longer have to travel to Provo for many services.”


9) Transparent Procedure Pricing

You’ll always know our costs up front. Our transparent procedure-pricing chart reflects the actual “off the street” rates that an individual without insurance would pay with our 30 percent prompt pay discount. We are confident that you won’t find higher quality or more cost-effective health care service.


If you’d like to discover even more reasons why Revere Health doctors are the absolute best, reach us at one of our many clinic locations.



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