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Revere Health Cardiology Intermountain Healthcare Partnership

April 6, 2015 | Cardiology

This partnership only affects patients served at our Provo and American Fork clinics, where Revere Health Cardiology will now be named Intermountain Utah Valley Cardiology Clinic. Patients in St. George, Payson and Orem will not see any changes. In most ways, your care will remain the same. However, there are a few changes we’d like to make you aware of.

Why the Change?

In the changing healthcare landscape, this is a proactive measure to ensure the excellent care you receive and expect from Revere Health continues. This partnership allows for a coordinated approach to your healthcare as Intermountain Healthcare and Revere Health work together in a patient-centric model.

Will my doctors and caregivers change?

No. This new agreement will not change the doctors providing your care. The physicians and clinical staff are still Revere Health employees, and you can continue to see the same providers who have been caring for you and understand your health history.

What changes will I see?

In addition to sign changes, you will notice that services after April 6, 2015, will be billed through Intermountain Healthcare. The checkout process will also be slightly altered by utilizing a centralized checkout area. Clinic staff will explain exactly where you need to go if you have any questions. You will still have access to your electronic medical records and Follow My Health; however, you will need to sign additional forms. Lastly, some tests may be performed at Intermountain hospitals.

My insurance doesn’t cover services provided by Intermountain Healthcare. Can I still see my doctor?

During this transition, there will be some patients whose insurance will not be accepted at Intermountain Healthcare under the new arrangement. You may need to be seen by the same doctor at a different location. Our staff will guide you through the new process and ease the transition as much as possible. In an effort to reduce the impact on your care, insurance questions and circumstances will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

What should I do if I have questions?

The Cardiology phone number will remain unchanged but will be answered as Intermountain Utah Valley Cardiology Clinic. We encourage you to please call our office and speak with our staff. We can help explain billing, insurance and other care questions related to this agreement.

(801) 373-4366



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