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Wellness Institute Wins Worksite Wellness Award

March 11, 2015 | Wellness Institute

The Utah Council for Worksite Health Promotion presented the Central Utah Clinic Wellness Institute with the prestigious Platinum award during an awards ceremony at Utah Valley University this week. The Wellness Institute promotes and coordinates workplace wellness at Central Utah Clinic’s locations throughout the state. This award recognizes the achievements of the institute and its commitment to promoting employee health, productivity and healthy work environments.

“With the rising costs of healthcare, workplace wellness programs have become an essential part of keeping employees healthy and engaged in their work,” Cameron Valentine, Central Utah Clinic Wellness Coordinator, said. “We are honored by the recognition of our program and the benefits it provides to our employees.”

The Utah Council for Worksite Health Promotion presented the award to Central Utah Clinic at its annual conference held at UVU. Among the speakers was Bryan Miller, son of the late Larry H. Miller, who spoke about the impact importance of diabetes prevention.


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