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Health Coaches Attain New Weight Loss Specialist Certification

May 15, 2018

Health Coaches Attain New Weight Loss Specialist Certification

PROVO, UT – May 11, 2018 – The certification was designed by health coach Andrew Davis to better serve and provide care for weight management patients.

The coursework equips health coaches with knowledge and skills necessary to help patients reach wellness and weight loss goals, and ensures consistency for any patient working with the WLNC team.

Under the direction of Justin Jones, MD, a family medicine physician at Revere Health and the director of the Revere Health WLNC in Provo and Orem, three health coaches have received the WLS Certification: Joshua Kelly, Andrew Davis and Tory Thorley.

“This is a phenomenal achievement by our staff that will pay dividends with patients,” said WLNC administrator Mark Kershaw. “It ensures health coaches will be a better resource for the patients and fully understand what they are going through emotionally and physically.”

When stacked against other certification programs, the newly designed Revere Health Weight Loss Specialist certification has significantly more requirements. The program combines hands-on experience, education, and project-based work for health coaches. Throughout the certification process they teach classes, learn about various diets, and go into more depth on topics such as monitoring body fat composition, setting goals and identifying appropriate diet and fitness recommendations for different patients.

The certification process, which was developed at Revere Health’s Weight Loss and Nutrition Center, includes several components: 200 hours of work as a health coach, teaching community weight loss classes and attending continuing education modules that supplement their four-year degree in a health science field. It culminates with a final project and examination; once a health coach passes the examination s/he is a Weight Loss Specialist.

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