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Revere Health Implements Measures to Keep Patients Safe During the COVID-19 Outbreak

March 24, 2020

Revere Health Implements Measures to Keep Patients Safe During the COVID-19 Outbreak

PROVO, Utah – March 24, 2020 – Revere Health, the largest independent multispecialty physician group in Utah, has implemented several protocols to keep both its patients and employees safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Our highest priority is the health and safety of our patients and staff, “said Scott Barlow, Revere Health Chief Executive Officer. “Our goal during this crisis is to serve as many of our patients as possible while keeping everyone involved as safe as possible. Our telehealth capability is one great way we are continuing to serve our patients while following the guidelines provided to us by the Utah Department of Health and CDC.”

Barlow says the message to the communities and patients Revere Health serves is “we’re here and we’re eager to serve our patients’ needs in the safest and most prudent ways possible.” Below are some of the measures Revere Health has put in place to safely treat its patients.

Whenever possible, patients are asked to schedule virtual appointments. These appointments are conducted via computer, tablet or smartphone from the comfort and safety of the patient’s home. Patients do not have to download software to have a virtual appointment. Instead, they are sent a secure link to open in their preferred web browser. Not all medical concerns are suitable for a telehealth visit, so patients are encouraged to ask their provider if a virtual appointment is appropriate for their needs.

When a patient arrives at a Revere Health office or clinic, they will be asked the following questions:
– Do you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath or have you had these symptoms in the past week?
– Have you been asked by the Utah Health Department or your employer to self-quarantine?
– Have you been exposed to anyone with a positive coronavirus diagnosis or anyone who is suspected to have coronavirus?

If the answer is no to all questions, patients may proceed to their appointment. If patients answer yes to any of the questions, they will not be allowed to enter. Instead, staff will ask the patient which clinic they are visiting, notify that provider and direct the patient to wait in their vehicle. The provider will then call the patient to discuss symptoms and the necessity of their visit. If the patient’s provider determines that the patient still needs to be seen despite having symptoms or potential exposure (e.g., patients who need dialysis), they can still see their provider. However, a staff member must meet the patient at the entrance and escort them to their appointment.

Patients seeing a specialist will also be instructed to work with their primary care provider to receive further recommendations for at-home treatment and referral to COVID-19 testing sites if necessary.

Visitor Restrictions
Revere Health has implemented the following visitor restrictions to ensure the safety of our patients and staff:
– No visitors will be allowed to accompany a patient to an appointment unless the patient is either physically or mentally challenged. In these cases, only one caregiver is allowed to assist the patient.
– If a parent arrives with children and no other adult is present, the children are allowed to accompany the parent to the physician’s office. Upon arrival at the office, they will be immediately taken to an exam room for isolation.
– Other than staff or patients, all other visitors are not allowed to enter Revere Health clinics unless they are a vendor delivering supplies or are performing some other expected or essential service.

Employee Protocol
All Revere Health staff are following CDC guidelines regarding the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when interacting with patients who are sick with respiratory illness. Staff who exhibit symptoms or are exposed to someone with confirmed COVID-19 are instructed to work with the Director of Nursing before returning to work.

Clinic Protocol
Each individual clinic has developed social distancing and sterilization protocols to best meet the needs of their patient population. Some of these protocols include parking lot waiting rooms, alternated appointments to reduce the number of people in the clinic, sanitization schedules for bathrooms and high-touch areas and others. Patients may call their provider for specific information.

About Revere Health

Revere Health is the largest independent multispecialty physician group in Utah and employs more than 200 physicians and 190 advanced practitioners. Founded in 1969, Revere Health has grown to include more than 100 clinics in both urban and rural areas throughout Utah and Nevada. Revere Health providers offer complete healthcare at every stage of life with multiple family practice locations and 30 medical specialties. As the first Accountable Care Organization accredited by Medicare in Utah, Revere Health is a leader in value-based care, which focuses on improving scientific measurements of health outcomes and lowering overall costs care. Revere Health takes a unique, patient-oriented approach to healthcare.