Leave of Absence for Dr. Johnson

Dr. Curtis Johnson will be embarking on a significant new role as a mission leader for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, based in Missoula, Montana. This honorable commitment is for a duration of three years.

As a result, Dr. Johnson will be taking a formal leave of absence from his current surgical practice. Please be advised that his final day performing surgeries will be on May 23, followed by his last day in the clinic on May 24.

We extend our best wishes to Dr. Johnson in his forthcoming endeavors and appreciate your understanding during this transitional period.

Hand Wrist and Elbow Center

Curtis Johnson, MD

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Curtis Johnson, MD

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Your hand(s), arms, shoulder, etc, will be in the best hands!

I had a follow up appointment here post surgery with Dr Curtis Johnson. I usually see him in his Provo office. Two things impressed me about this Salem clinic. First, it’s beautiful building - open, full of sunshine and encouraging artwork. Second, and most important, I saw the same competent medical staff I know and trust in Provo working here in Salem. Above all, I received the excellent, precise care I needed and expected from an incredible surgeon I researched carefully, have observed for decades and have the upmost trust in his professional opinion and experience. If you are reading this trying to decide treatment options, please consider my personal experience. I highly recommend Dr. Curtis Johnson and his team - in Provo or Salem. Your hand(s), arms, shoulder, etc, will be in the best hands!

William C.

star reviews

Any patient would be lucky to have him as their surgeon.

Turns out doctors are rarely thanked for a job well done. So here it is: Dr. Johnson performed 3 surgeries on my hand after a construction accident. Not only did he do a phenomenal job, but he allowed me to shadow him after showing a slight interest in becoming a surgeon. If it wasn't for Dr. Johnson going above and beyond in caring for me as his patient, I don't believe I would be in medical school today. He expressed that I was capable and showed me the ideal example of what it means to be a caring physician. You can't tell from the photo: but I lost two fingers. Completely crushed my ring finger and my pinky was in 3 pieces. Hardly left a scar. Thanks to a a few properly performed surgeries I rarely have any pain. Thanks Dr. Johnson. Any patient would be lucky to have him as their surgeon.

Benjamin F.

star reviews

I highly recommend him if you are seeking a doctor of his expertise!

Dr. Curtis Johnson is great! He’s shoots straight with me, is very knowledgeable, and always gives me great feedback with honest answers (even some I may wish were different). He really has been phenomenal in my several years visiting him for Osteoarthritis in both hands. A bonus is he has a fun personality with a great sense of humor. I highly recommend him if you are seeking a doctor of his expertise!!!

Mark S.

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