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Revere Health’s weight loss team is committed to helping you develop an individualized, meaningful, and lasting weight loss plan. Our experts will work with you to overcome dietary, physical and emotional barriers to successful weight loss. Call 385-203-1365 for more information, or view our class schedule in the patient resources section below.

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At Revere Health weight loss center we realize that people gain weight for different reasons. We will help you find a plan that works for you and addresses your individual needs and concerns. We use specific tools and strategies such as group classes, medication, Optifast and health education to ensure each individual achieves their goal weight.

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We don't believe in fads or gimmicks. Weight loss that is meaningful is based on principles of good nutrition, increased activity and hard work.

Our team of medical professionals will help you not only lose weight, but more importantly keep it off. Long term weight loss will help you feel better and avoid complications of obesity. To help you achieve long-term weight loss, our team works you through the 3 phases of weight loss: Active Phase, Transition Phase and Maintenance Phase.

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