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Orthopedics Providers


Advanced Care Practitioners


Advanced Arthritis

Specialized care for patients with advanced arthritis, a condition causing pain and stiffness in several joints.

Joint Replacement

A surgical procedure in which parts or all of an arthritic or damaged joint is replaced with a prosthesis.

Sports medicine needs

Care for sport-related injuries as well as assistance planning exercise routines to improve athletic performance.

Back and Neck Conditions (Scoliosis)

Scoliosis is an abnormal, lateral curvature of the spine that causes physical deformity, stiffness and pain.

Back and Neck Care

Back and neck pain management through postural correction, lifting/transfer mechanics and safely strengthening core muscles.


A minimally invasive surgical procedure using an arthroscope to identify and treat damage of the joint.

Work-related injury care

Care for physical injuries, illnesses or stress-related injuries that occur due to specific jobs at work.


Specialized care for trauma injuries, when damage has occurred as a result of a severely distressing event.

Fracture care

A doctor will use an X-ray to evaluate the bones and then provide care for fractures in the hands, wrists and elbows.

Total Joint Replacement Surgery
General Orthopedic Care

Surgical and non-surgical treatment of hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, spine/neck, and foot/lower extremity

Patient Education


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How to Protect Your Joints as You Age

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Preparing for Hip Surgery

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