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Orthopedics Providers


Advanced Practice Clinicians


  • General Orthopedic Care

    Surgical and non-surgical treatment of hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, spine/neck, and foot/lower extremity

  • Advanced Arthritis

    Specialized care for patients with advanced arthritis, a condition causing pain and stiffness in several joints.

  • Sports Medicine

    Care for sport-related injuries as well as assistance planning exercise routines to improve athletic performance.

  • Back & Neck Care

    Back and neck pain management through postural correction, lifting/transfer mechanics and safely strengthening core muscles.

  • Back & Neck Conditions (Scoliosis)

    Scoliosis is an abnormal, lateral curvature of the spine that causes physical deformity, stiffness and pain.

  • Arthroscopic Surgery

    Minimally invasive surgery using an arthroscope to diagnose joint conditions when other tests aren’t definitive.

  • Work-Related Injury Care

    Care for physical injuries, illnesses or stress-related injuries that occur due to specific jobs at work.

  • Trauma

    Specialized care for trauma injuries, when damage has occurred as a result of a severely distressing event.

  • Fracture Care

    We work to promote bone healing and restore bone function as soon as possible for fracture patients.

General Orthopedic Care
Advanced Arthritis
Sports Medicine
Back & Neck Care
Back & Neck Conditions (Scoliosis)
Arthroscopic Surgery
Work-Related Injury Care
Fracture Care

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