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“One Miraculous Experience After Another” – How a Utah Resident Found her Forever Healthcare Home

June 6, 2024 | Patient Testimonial

As a former registered nurse and case manager, Utah County resident Lisa Hansen knows high-quality care when she sees it.

Hansen was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2013 and was also battling another autoimmune disease called ankylosing spondylitis. She has faced many other health issues throughout her life, and at one point was essentially bedridden and “wasting away.”

In 2015, she decided to move from New Hampshire to Utah to be closer to her children. That decision turned out to be lifesaving for her because it led her to Revere Health.

She first established care with a rheumatologist in Utah, who was not affiliated with Revere Health. Right away, he recommended that she seek care from Dr. Peter Duros of Internal Medicine, who he described to her as “the best.” Hansen took that referral and found her forever healthcare home at Revere Health.

“He’s amazing,” Hansen says of Dr. Duros. “He always has time. He also helped me to know the other doctors I should see and was a true leader of my care team.”

Because of her multiple health issues, her care team grew rapidly and soon included many Revere Health physicians including doctors Haslem, Cragun, Nielsen, Paulson, Wallentine, Brockbank, Gessel, Huber, and retired Orthopedist Scott Jackson.

No matter who I saw they would help me right away. I have never felt that any of my needs are too great to receive care from Revere Health. I have never had to go to Salt Lake to see a specialist. I have Revere.

After receiving care from Revere Health, Hansen says her health changed from “declining rapidly” to “improving drastically.”

She says the ability of Revere Health physicians to listen carefully sets them apart. She recalls an experience with Dr. Toby Paulson of Cardiology in which he treated her symptoms of rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. After thoroughly assessing the situation, Dr. Paulson discovered that her issue was related to certain chemicals in her body associated with the medication she was taking.

“Because he listened and asked questions, he knew what to test for,” she says. “So, it was a quicker diagnosis. He didn’t have to spend time doing more tests. He spent his time figuring out the right medication combination to help me.”

She also recalls contacting Scott Jackson for an emergency related to her knee replacement. He happened to be traveling in Argentina at the time, but he still took her call and guided her through a plan of action until he returned.

“He really went above and beyond,” she says of Jackson. “I have just had one miraculous experience after another to help me maintain my life.”

Hansen has lived in multiple states across the country, but she says Revere Health measures up well against even the most heralded institutions.

“I moved here from New Hampshire where my healthcare delivery system was Dartmouth,” she says. “And I always say I would put Revere Health up against them any day.”

Like many new residents, Hansen was initially nervous and unsure of where to go for the best care in Utah. But after her experiences, she advises any new, or existing, resident to seek care at Revere Health.

“Revere Health helps me to maintain my best life,” she says. “That’s what I tell everybody. From Salem to American Fork, no matter what clinic you go to, you’re consistently going to get the same great care. I have never had a bad experience.”

For all your healthcare needs go to Revere Health, your partner in health your partner for life.

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The Live Better Team

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