Bruce Hayden – CFO

July 18, 2017

Chief Financial Officer

Bruce Hayden is originally from North Carolina and attended East Carolina University. Early in his career, he met his wife Kathy while working in Richmond, Virginia. Together, they have five children—a nurse, dentist, two lawyers and an MSW—and five grandchildren. Bruce coached many sports with his kids, including baseball, football, soccer and basketball for 30+ years. He also loves golf, theater, culinary/social events and pinball machines, and is a professional canine breeder, formerly of English Springer Spaniels and currently of French Bulldogs.

Bruce is a certified public accountant and certified internal auditor who spent the last five years of his career as the CFO of Summit Pharmacy, Inc. and Phoenix Toxicology and Lab Services, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona. He has over 35 years of experience in accounting and finance, including serving as chief financial officer in both private and publicly held companies. His career includes predominantly healthcare companies in addition to public accounting experience.

About Revere Health

Revere Health is the largest independent multispecialty physician group in Utah and employs over 180 physicians and 150 advanced practitioners. Founded in 1969, Revere Health has grown to include more than 100 clinics in both urban and rural areas throughout Utah and Nevada. Revere Health providers offer complete healthcare at every stage of life with multiple family practice locations and 30 medical specialties. As the first Accountable Care Organization accredited by Medicare in Utah, Revere Health is a leader in value-based care and offers a unique, patient-oriented approach to healthcare.

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